Fourth Festivities

6:16 PM

We had a really fun fourth of July weekend. Unlike most years we did not go out of town this weekend. We hung around and enjoyed festivities closer to home.

We began our adventures on Saturday by hanging out at Daybreak lake with Kyle and Sara. Kyle recently bought a new kayak and wanted to try it out. We had a little picnic by the lake and then we launched the kayak. It turns out you have to be Daybreak residents to boat on the lake and you need to have a permit for the boat. We are residents, but we didn't get a permit for the boat, fortunately the lake host let us launch the boat this time. Kyle and his boys loved kayaking out on the lake, while the rest of us enjoyed a lazy Saturday on the shore. It was such a pleasant day to just lay out in the shade by the lake. Each of the boys took a turn on the kayak by themselves, and we didn't even have to swim out to save anyone. At one point Jaron was super excited and came running over to tell us that he caught a fish with his bare hands.

Alison and I love living in Daybreak. It is such a great community with so many fun things to do. We are glad that we got to share it with our friends. We tried to convince them to move here. It would be so much fun.

On Saturday night we went with Alison's parents up American Fork canyon. We went to a spot up the Cascade Springs road. It is such a pretty drive. We had the dogs with us. At first Blu and Tex were being crazy, but then they calmed down and fell asleep next to each other. It was awesome.

Blake and Debbie brought their little trailer so we would have a bathroom and a place to haul and cook food. Jake, Meg, Kristin, Dan, and Skylee also came. All five family dogs were there too. Turns out we all love dogs. We had a nice barbecue, did a small impromptu hike, and did guitar karaoke.

Sunday was a quiet day. We took Tex on a couple of walks, and we went to church. We also made a lasagna for dinner and had Alison's parents over.

On Tuesday we woke up and headed back up American Fork Canyon. Blake and Debbie camped up there with Jake and Meg on Monday night. We went up to eat breakfast with them and then we drove around the mountains for a little while. The puppies had a ton of fun playing together (they always do). It was a great way to start off the 4th. America is really beautiful.

We went home and got cleaned up and headed over to my grandparent's house. My grandma throws a big 4th of July party every year. They start in the early afternoon with a water party, then they have a bbq, and then they light off fireworks. Since we were in town we decided to go. It was a lot of fun. We had a great time sitting outside, catching up with family, and introducing everyone to Tex.

It was a really hot day, but we were in the shade. We just relaxed and watched the water fights (it was hot enough that we wished we would have worn swimsuits. Dinner was great. They barbecued some burgers and of course we each had a huge helping of my aunt Kim's potato salad and lots of fruit.

We left after dinner and had a low key night at home. We didn't want Tex to be startled by the fireworks and fortunately there are no fireworks allowed in Daybreak. It was a pretty low-key 4th, but it was really exactly what we wanted.

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