Life Lately

10:38 PM

Life has been busy lately. 

Our house

In the last few weeks we had our fence installed. It surrounds our side yard to give Tex a safe place where he can go outside. 

I chose to paint the fence. Like every other house project it took a lot longer and cost quite a bit more than we expected. I spent a couple of Saturdays and a few weekdays painting. It took way too many gallons of paint. After this project I definitely agree with Alison that I don't want to do another painting project anytime soon. 

Ivory homes also finished our landscaping this week. We are so glad to have it installed. We had them put gravel in the side yard for Tex. We figured it would be easier to maintain and a better surface for him. We have some nice trees that should grow to provide good shade and a little bit of grass. It is perfect for us. 

Weekend Activities

Alison and I have had some fun weekend activities. We spent some time kayaking and paddle boarding around Daybreak lake. We love the community of Daybreak. It is so relaxing to be able to hang out on the lake on any given Saturday afternoon. We also went to see a Beatle's Tribute band with Dan, Kristin, and Skylee. It was part of the Daybreak concert series. There is always something fun going on in Daybreak. 

This last weekend we had my grandparent's over for dinner. It was fun to visit with them and show them our home. It was the first time they visited our new home. While they were here we also planned our upcoming trip to Disney world. We are so excited to go on that trip with them.

Our puppy Tex

Tex is seriously the best. He is so loving, and tons of fun. A highlight  of each day are taking Tex on his daily walks. He loves the park near our house. He likes to run up the hill at the corner of the park and jump through the tall grass/bushes at the bottom of the hill.

We also love to take Tex for walks around the lake. He is always so happy. The lake is beautiful. The sunsets can be pretty incredible.

The other weekend we watched Pancho (Tex's litter mate). While Jake and Meg were out of town. Tex loved it. He and Pancho played a ton. They would go crazy chasing each other around. When they weren't playing they usually passed out. It was a fun weekend having two pups. It kind of made Alison want to have two because she loved to watch Tex have so much fun.

Our little pup is growing up too fast. He is already approaching 15 pounds. He is also losing puppy fur. We love this little dog. He really is the best. We wish that he could stay a puppy forever and we are so happy that he is a part of our lives.

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